Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Senior Show

Well, here it is: a series of illustrations designed as book covers for children and young adults. Some are for books which have long been favorites of mine, some are newer versions of very old stories, and some are just plain wacky ideas come to life. As most of these need some sort of touching-up before going on my permanent website, some real honest, nit-picky critique would be most welcome!

The Really Ugly Duckling

The Cricket in Times Square
I'm surprised by how many people haven't read this charming book. Granted, it is a little dated, but its appeal as a celebration of friendship, of finding one's place in the world, and of the power of music is universal.


What if a young Leonardo da Vinci were to do some time travelling and end up in a present day grade school? Would he be able to save the art program? Would he get beat up for wearing that silly hat? We may never know. . .

The Secret Garden

"Please Sir, I mean Ma'am" & Other Stories

The Hobbit