Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sketch Dailies

 Nothing brings out the inner viking like a game of Ultimate Frisbee!

Here is some of the fun I've been having lately with Sketch Dailies over on Twitter. Every weekday, they post a new prompt and thousands of artists are posting their take on the topic. Pretty cool stuff! You can also find me @BeccaScholes on Twitter where I post all kinds of doodles that are just too silly for the blog. 

Wicked Witch of the Wild West 

Cat Burglar: No one burgles cats quite like Crazy Cat Lady.

Mr. T: He pities the foo who isn't potty-trained.

Troll: Unfortunate victim of a daylight savings mix-up

Babayaga: According to her online dating profile, she's tall, blonde, 23, and loves kids.

So yeah, it's really been a blast. They've also got an amazing website with tons of great art. Check it out!