Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finch: Model Sheet

Well, after hundreds of drawings, I finally had to narrow things down to meet my deadline. So here's character design and sketches for Finch, main character in Heirs of Vent, the game. Seriously though, check out the website for Finch's official character bio, a map of Vent City, game mechanics, and other interesting tidbits from the developers. Meanwhile, for me, it's on to the next character in our line-up. More on that next week!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Figuring It Out

 In struggling with Finch's character design, I'm realizing how sketchy (pun intended) my knowledge of anatomy actually is. So I've spent some time copying various figure studies and drawing from photographs, trying to better understand how things fit together. Hopefully this will increase my visual vocabulary and give integrity to Finch's design (and all of my work!) Not exactly the stuff that thrilling, glamorous blog-posts are made of, perhaps - but an important part of my process, nonetheless.

If you're interested in getting better at figure drawing, here are a couple of resources I'd recommend: (incredible collection of anatomy studies and character design). Let me know if you have any questions and Happy Drawing!