Friday, June 8, 2012

William Penn, What a Guy

Wait a second, why are they arresting the Quaker Oatmeal man? Actually, this is William Penn (no relation to 'Larry' from the Quaker Oats logo). Besides getting in and out of jail (for being a Quaker activist, and later for debt) he also founded Pennsylvania as a place of religious tolerance, drew up plans for Philadelphia and wrote the Frame of Government, a document that would later have some influence on the Founding Fathers. Well done, Will.

I'd gladly leave it at that and hope the subject matter would distract you from the imperfections of the art, but my ego would never allow it - I must abase myself! This project is not all I hoped it would be... but it was an experiment, first in ink (which was really fun to play with) and second in time management. What can I say? I'm learning.