Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthday Drawings

Trying to start an annual tradition of birthday drawings for the niece and nephews. Did absolutely no research whatsoever on this dragon, so I'm crossing my fingers it will somehow meet the approval of a certain 13 year-old dragonologist. The pirate, of course, is meticulously researched and 100% historically accurate. Happy Birthday, Brock and Tavo!

Friday, December 2, 2011

TreeSpiritGirl drawing... thing

For one of the coolest nerds I know. (He plays Magic the Gathering, and this is a really bad photograph of a drawing I did for his play mat). It was kind of fun to do something quote-unquote Fantasy, and the background (adapted from an Arts and Crafts era print, artist unknown) got me started on a path I'd like to explore, leading, I think, to the world where plants, geometry and pattern meet.

I'm still a little bemused, though, by the randomness of it all. I mean, little girl alone in the woods, sure - Little Red Riding Hood. But how to explain Grandma as a glowing, shrunken head floating between her palms? Awesome points for anyone who comments with their own interpretation!