Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More Head Studies

Here is my Life Painting final (from a photograph by Steve McCurry) and a study of Eddie, our Mongolian model.


Kristine said...

hey becca, i found your blog on Alanna's blog. it is so nice to see all your art work. you are truly talented. i guess i should have looked at more of your artwork while i lived with you.

Kristine VDB Lynn


Julie Anna Poole said...

Hi Becca! You are amazing! Holy Cow! Anyway...this is your old pal Anna. Just thought I'd say hi. Take care and check out my much less artistic blog if you'd like it is:


See ya!

Sushi Sundae said...

Remember when he brought in the Mongolian throat singer CD.....I loved the pop songs, is was soooo bizarre!.........actually I didn't really love the pop songs but the rest was cool and the pop songs where weird!

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