Friday, December 2, 2011

TreeSpiritGirl drawing... thing

For one of the coolest nerds I know. (He plays Magic the Gathering, and this is a really bad photograph of a drawing I did for his play mat). It was kind of fun to do something quote-unquote Fantasy, and the background (adapted from an Arts and Crafts era print, artist unknown) got me started on a path I'd like to explore, leading, I think, to the world where plants, geometry and pattern meet.

I'm still a little bemused, though, by the randomness of it all. I mean, little girl alone in the woods, sure - Little Red Riding Hood. But how to explain Grandma as a glowing, shrunken head floating between her palms? Awesome points for anyone who comments with their own interpretation!


Shara Mills said...

I like it a lot! Have you seen Secret of Kells. If not, I highly advise it as inspiration along the path of this style.

becca said...

Thanks, Shara. I love love love that movie! Definitely took some inspiration from it for the tree roots and texture and such.

Manelle said...

This is cool. I really like the patterns the branches are making.